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You can , listen to it on your daily commute

Rachel has a killer Australian accent, and her interviews are amazing! Although there are only twelve episodes (I’m crossing my fingers she is producing more!!) are full of great conversation and real life advice. The Femme Boss is great if you have a little more time to tune in and listen.Connecting you with people, places, and things.

It can be easy to get stuck in a loop of negative emotions during a long commute when you might be feeling impatient about waiting in traffic, or worried about things going on at work. But your commute is actually a perfect chunk of time to gently bring your awareness to thoughts and feelings, without judgment -- or in other words, to practice mindfulness.

I became addicted to this idea that I had 20-30 mins of information to soak up before I got to work. After routinely listening to podcasts on the bus I could feel new ideas coming to life. I found myself constantly thinking about my business, goals and how I was going to make these things come to life.Disclaimer* They are very GIRLBOSS…

This Week In Startups Focusing on in the tech industry this podcast takes an analytical look at the latest news and events. A different guest joins host Jason Calacanis to give their insights on the week’s news stories meaning everything from healthcare, science and journalism is covered.

What’s more, many of them are free so there’s no excuse not to get downloading, put your headphones in and up your business game. Here are some of our favorites to get you started.

Try to sneak in some food during your commute, especially if it’s the morning and you need to . If you only have time for a bagel, opt for the whole wheat and go light on the cream cheese. If you prefer snack-like foods, eggs and nuts provide protein and healthy fatty acids like Omega-3. Remember, you can splurge on a healthy breakfast now that you’re saving (pre-tax) on parking and transit expenses. It’s a win-win situation.Whether your door-to-door is 2 hours or 20 minutes, boost the pro

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