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Luis Leleux

I&aposm not going to write this bio in the third person because I&aposm writing it myself, about myself. I spent over 20 years in marketing and business communications before making the leap. First person just feels right. Less cheesy.
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These are the customers who shop for retail

Guess brands operate 945 retail stores in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Some 400 of those stores are in the United States.

As a result of this favoritism, consumers say they&aposre willing to: (24%), (20%), (39%), and (66%). In-Store Mobile Engagement Boosts Sales, Enriches Customer Shopping Experience

Of retailers say their international sales have increased in a share of revenue since the last year. (Source: )According to a survey conducted by Systems Research in June 2013, around of the retailers polled worldwide believed that creating a consistent customer experience across channels was very important.


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