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The weirdly talented members of the circus reach out and engage the audience with the Coney Island waltz, and the freaks (Gangle/, Squelch/, Fleck/, and the Ensemble) are oddly endearing as they reach out to the audience as only carney workers can — with a gritty insistence and impeccable timing.

Though we&aposve made it clear that saves are generally a poor way to evaluate a reliever, their opportunity-based nature makes it a decent method to look back and see who a team&aposs closer was. Last April, we looked at each team&aposs saves leader, making a caveat to include the Rangers&apos , who was the team&aposs closer but performed so poorly he didn&apost record a single save. is an analyst for and the host of the Statcast podcast.

People often make assumptions about who infected them with HIV or a sexually transmitted infection (STI). This is usually based on the idea that the person who tested positive first was the person who actually infected first.

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