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Dive methods or “modes” refer to dives calling

The Rig 12 report recommended new requirements for additional safety equipment, standby divers, equipment maintenance records, and pre-dive planning. This NPRM proposes many of these measures. The Rig 12 report recommended against delegating Coast Guard dive safety enforcement duties to third-parties. Although this NPRM proposes the use of independent third-party auditors, their proposed use is intended to leverage industry expertise and capabilities, and provide a framework for Coast Guard enforcement, not

Thanks for this, I have been diving for 7 years, I have started tec basics, I always did the quarter turn trick after getting taught way. NOT ANYMORE.Hi the difference is if its a quarter turn open when you do your buddy check the needle of your gauge won’t drop fooling you into believing its on however at depth you won’t get enough air.The BSAC stopped this quarter turn nonsense about 30 years ago.Other training agencies still teach it.

Thank you for the decades overdue correction of this hoary, unnecessary, and dangerous practice of teaching recreational divers to turn their valves back from the full-open position. The practice of turning the tank valve back from full open is unfortunately still being taught today in many highly respected scuba schools. Dive boat “Divemasters” often do this to divers behind their backs just as they are about to enter the water, with the diver clueless about what has been done to the valve. It

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