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Homemade tomato sauce is so much tastier and

Vitamin C, folate, and fiber are just a few of the . So your pie with this cruciferous veggie for crunch, flavor, and health!These shrooms are a perfect bed for any pizza sauce and toppings, .

Italian cuisine has so much to recommend it – fresh herbs, rich tomato sauce, and the earthy, spicy flavor of olive oil. Just smelling this recipe is a treat: close your eyes and take a deep breath while you’re cooking it, and you can almost hear the wind in the trees and the sun on your face. It’s a pity that “Italian food” in the US so often means huge plates of cheap pasta with sugary, weak tomato sauce (or worse yet, greasy pizza full of seed oils), because it’s actually a very Paleo-friendl

We make home made pizza and all the time too. I love the “secret” ingredient in this though…I’m definitely up for trying it next time!

Can tomato puree be use instead of tomato paste? Thanks

You don’t need to blend the sauce, but if you do it, the sauce will have a better texture. You can use a blender, a hand mixer or even a food mill, it depends on the texture you wanna get. I’ve used a hand blender instead of the Vitamix to get a chunky texture.

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