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Most patterns of web site use follow what is widely known as . That is, a few items are overwhelmingly popular, and everything else gets relatively little attention. If you ranked the popularity of every web page in your site, you will typically see a long-tailed curve, in which the home page and a few other pages get lots of views and most others get much less traffic. This long-tailed distribution pattern in popularity is true for products in stores, books for sale at Amazon, songs to download on iTunes,

Two router functions can be composed into a new router function that routes to either handler function: if the first function does not match, the second is evaluated. You can compose two router functions by calling , so:

You are obliged to make reasonable efforts to all persons or organizations with a legal interest in the work you wish to reproduce. In the case of texts, the publisher will likely have the authority to grant permission. In the case of works of art, the artist, the artist’s gallery or estate, or an organization such as the Artist Rights Society or the Visual Artists and Galleries Association (VAGA) will be able to grant permission.

Remember, as I mentioned in , any time you make changes inside of a server file, you have to restart the server again it to work properly. To stop the server manually go into your terminal and press for Mac (again, I believe it’s for Windows).If you get two objects, again, probably that favicon, and thus a second header object was printed, just ignore it for now.

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