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Back then, Ngongang didn’t dream her siblings and their children would pull themselves out of poverty. She could not know they would fan out across the country to earn professional degrees, or that her own daughter become a medical doctor. She never imagined as a child that she and her siblings would one day pool their money and own that big white house that was across the street but seemed a world apart.

I am not sure that this was true, but Peter thought was true and it scared them. “Let&aposs keep her prisoner.”

Invalid email address. Please re-enter.The implication is that the housing experiment reveals the effect of moving from a bad neighborhood, for those least affected by the bad neighborhood.

The term, coined by the American sociologist , refers to a child who has spent a significant part of their formative years outside their parents’ culture. People who fit that bill have a tendency to mix and merge their birth culture with their adopted culture, creating one of their own: a third culture.When your mother is from Finland, your father from Senegal, and you live in neither, your identity becomes a matter of choice

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