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Amazon SQS stores all message queues and

A measure of the flow of traffic into and out of your queue in the last five-minute period. If the number of empty receives stays consistently above 0, you may have too many eager consumers. You may want to space out their calls to SQS or run fewer consumers.All Amazon SQS metrics are prefixed with in Datadog.

IronMQ is an easy-to-use highly available message queuing service. It is available as a cloud service on Amazon and Rackspace as well as on-premise with enterprise offering. Features include a nice dashboard to manage queues, easy to create webhooks, unicast and multicast Push Queues, autoscaling alerts for worker processes, and error queues.Language-agnostic, persistent background job system.

Of course, you can easily deploy an application to EC2, or ECS and you have a solid and proven solution. But as we all prefer not having to monitor an application, a setup with one of Amazon’s managed services is way more preferable.

The length of is 128 characters. can contain alphanumeric characters ( , , ) and punctuation ( ).

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