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AT bindings have pivoting devices that let you raise your heels

In its current form, this system the wiggle room that facilitates a loose riding style. There are a number of small movements I had no idea I make when I snowboard until I was locked into the Step On system. Consequently, I felt the bindings changed my riding style.

Free stickers are back! Tell everyone that you&aposre a ski bum...If this equipment is used by someone other than me, I certify that I am acting on my behalf and as agent for the user and that I will provide this form and all warnings and information to the user.

Based on your height, weight, age, boot sole length, and skier type, you will have a DIN setting that must fall within the advertised DIN range of the binding. You can use as a basic reference to find your setting. Please give us a call if you need help navigating the table. As long as you are not falling on either extreme limit of the range, the binding should be a good fit. For most women and lighter men (100 - 170lbs), a 10 or 11 max binding DIN will be sufficient. For larger individuals (160 - 250lbs)

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