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Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau. He asks a lot of

City of brotherly love, sure, but a quarterback who gives shoulder massages to his backup? Nick Foles is the leader Philadelphians have rapidly come to believe in—and he makes perfect sense.

He is almost literally married to the job. Via ESPN:He doesn’t have the long drive home to calm his mind anymore, so he pops in the game tape and watches other from around the league for hours every night.

“A lot of headaches,” Dunn said. “You’re going to feel fog some days, low energy, fatigue. I never slept so much. In the daytime, you’ll just go to sleep out of nowhere. And then at night, you’ll be up all night. It was tough to get through. I’m just happy to be back.”Collins’ connection to Paxson and Jerry Reinsdorf, a growing relationship with Michael Reinsdorf and ability relate with Hoiberg due to the misery of coaching should align a front office to the floor in ways that has been in

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