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Wise’s piece brings back memories. I was part of the “team” that presented papers (in Cambridge and in Kentucky) that ended up together in that Origins volume. My task was to present on the meanings of “kind” in Genesis. I warned Todd Wood (as editor and leader of the project) that my conclusions would not support baraminology. To his credit, he asked me to do it anyway. I was pretty new to the science side of YECism, so it was an eye opener to hear and read about their position. Wise and I had so

More and more large corporations are getting into bed with narcissists. They are finding that there is no substitute for narcissistic leaders in an age of innovation.Such love of the limelight often stems from what Freud called a narcissistic personality, says psychoanalyst and anthropologist Michael Maccoby in this HBR classic first published in the January–February 2000 issue.

Knowledge comes from everything we do and everything that happens to us. We learn valuable lessons over the course of time based on our experiences and the ways in which we react to them. Every hardship presents an opportunity, we just need to recognize that instead of letting it defeat us. Your thoughts and attitude change your experiences and shape your life.You have a choice when it comes to reactions and although in the moment, you want to get angry, you need to actively remind yourself why that is so d

With regard to mortality rate, it does not need to be as high as 50%, as with the plague, or 30%, as with smallpox the 10% by Spanish flu was devastating enough given the large number of people infected. Pandemic agents also need to be able to mutate into forms that can be transmitted rapidly from human to human. This combination of virulence and mutability particularly points to RNA viruses—such as influenza viruses, the SARS coronavirus and HIV—as suitable candidat

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