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Alexa does an astonishingly good job understanding the spoken word,

While it’s not as sexy as VR or AI, voice interaction is one of the biggest technological advances of the last decade. For the first time we’ve seen truly conversational software enter a lot of people’s homes without a visual interface. Experts believe this is one of the first steps toward a more natural, continuous relationship between computers and users.

In other words, Silicon Valley has designed human-friendly UI with a huge security oversight. While “From a UX point of view, it feels like a betrayal,” says Ame Elliott, design director at the nonprofit. “The premise of how you interact with the device is ‘tell it what to do,’ so the silent, surreptitious command is shocking.”New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system

There’s an obvious problem with applying deep learning language. It’s that words are arbitrary symbols, and as such they are fundamentally different from imagery.So in a way, the machine knew that Sedol would be completely blindsided.

Like all good designers, Sonos puts its users at the center of its processes. One of the ways it does that is by fading into the background. “We want [our speakers] to be well-placed and almost to disappear within home,” says Allen Mask, vice president of marketing, intelligence and partnerships at Sonos, when we at Adobe MAX.A Comprehensive Guide To User Experience (UX) Research

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