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“Shoulds” are the things we do out of obligation because we have not thoughtfully considered our true objectives, even out of fear: What if we never get another opportunity? What will others think of us if we say no? What will think of ourselves if we say no? Sometimes, shoulds even seem like things we to do.Being able to confidently shed our shoulds comes back to aligning our decisions with our core values.

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“Don’t just focus on the negatives,” she says. “Managers enjoy giving balanced feedback, so them the opportunity to do so. You can ask ‘what are some things that I did well?’ and ‘what are some things I could have done differently or better?’”Celebrating the best ideas in business

During the 2009 recession, I took a high-profile job with a marketing agency. On the surface, it looked like a dream opportunity. The clients were big, the pay was excellent, and given the economic climate at the time, I considered myself lucky. No, the work didn’t excite me, but what would people think if I turned it down? I started on a Monday, and every morning that week I felt myself growing more and more uncomfortable. On Friday, while I was sitting in on a four-hour conference call in a windowless m

“I’ll be more than grateful for just a normal day,” said Davis, 52. The Friday morning after the shooting, he came to work to find a mostly deserted downtown that had turned into a sprawling crime scene.The crime scene that remained in a central chunk of downtown Dallas snarled traffic Monday served as a reminder of a tragedy that looms over the city.

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