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At present, systemic risks are under control, but China must

WHR was shown to be a good predictor of health risk [], and a high WHR (&ampgt1.0 in men and &ampgt0.85 in women) indicates abdominal fat accumulation []. However, the use of WHR has been recently challenged due to several reasons [,]. First, hip circumference could not be obtained routinely and the measure is more difficult to perform and less Second, WHR is not useful in practical risk management as the ratio could remain constant when the weight of individual increases or decreases. The NCBI web site requires Jav

We have seen that feedback loops are directly affected by the nature of the regulatory policy environment, which can encourage ‘pro-cyclicality’, a process that is positively correlated with the economic cycle. Bank capital and leverage are two examples of a pro-cyclical process in which risks builds up during stable periods. Banks tend to have surplus capital when the economy is booming, while capital levels drop during recessions. Likewise, economic agents have a tendency to borrow too much during goo

Such indirect effects can lead to feedback loops, undesirable coordination and a lack of diversity within the market. Designing a robust regulatory regime is difficult because it is hard to how participants’ individual motives will come together to produce overall behaviour in the market. In particular, so-called ‘representative agent’ models used widely by economists are by design unable to guide policymakers in this regard.The Financial Stability Board, the international body created in 2009 to over

Many have long dreamed that an alternative to capitalist (ir)rationality can be rationally arrived at through the mobilization of human passions in the collective search for a better life for all. These alternatives – historically called socialism or communism – have, in various times and places been tried. In former times, such as the 1930s, the vision of one or other of them provided a beacon of hope. The practices that flowed from this source arguably improved the lives of many and saved capitali

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