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In North Korea, "on-the-spot guidance" is depicted as "a

The opening ceremony did not lack grandiosity. Staged in mid-September at the capital’s Central Youth Hall, glimmering for the occasion, it was attended by government functionaries, festival delegates and representatives from various embassies. Cars belonging to officials and buses carrying performing arts groups clogged the expansive parking lot as smartly dressed women filed into the packed theater, the clicking of their heels reverberating off the walls of the high-ceilinged lobby. There was no mention

Disneyland presents one face to the world: cheerful, child-like. But the reality behind Disneyland is grim.

2. For : a) list the who, what, where and when of the news item b) Think about what was reported of rescue efforts. How does this compare to rescue efforts for any natural disaster here? (e.g. the recent tragic mudslide in Washington state). What do you think about the ability (or lack of ability) of the Afghan national and local government, military and/or the residents themselves to execute any type of rescue/recovery?

And for more forced production of North Korean propaganda, see this one from The Simpsons. Reminiscent, perhaps, the tale of , the US soldier who defected to North Korea in the 1960s, appeared in propaganda campaigns along with other American defectors, and is still living in Pyongyang today.There was something about Kim Jong Il that satirists couldn&apost resist.

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