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For Tammany, baseball was another avenue for

When people, primarily Irish immigrants, would come out on election day and vote ten, twenty, thirty times that was not considered something to be embarrassed about. That was something many were proud of it was your way of breaking in as a party worker. That would a way for you to get a city job, to put bread on the table for your family, and to be part of the American mainstream. There are descriptions of these large demonstrations for Tweed either in Union Square or Tweed Plaza at what is at Canal St. an

Tammany was chiefly organised around railway capital and monopoly landowners. When Twead was put in the dock for stealing alderman funds to pay out the election-fixing industry at the onset of the 1900s, landowners and the investment houses were forming coalitions. Tammany was cracking with Twead’s prosecution. The material basis for the Yankees was forming, as urban politics was entering a protracted period of alteration both socially and politically.John Updike (1960) ‘Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu’, , Oct

“Yes, the Braves were the original Red Stockings,” says Tom Whalen, a College of General Studies associate professor of social sciences, who has published several books on local sports “They’re the longest running professional sports franchise in North American history.” And Boston, Whalen says, was “really the launching pad” for the game.As our neighbor Fenway Park marks its 101th birthday, it’s worth remembering that plenty of baseball history is housed right here on BU’s campus.

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