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Ammo selection is crucial. If shooting factory rifles, test

To achieve ultimate accuracy with ELEY tenex, a shooter should test their barrel. While ELEY tenex will offer unrivalled results as standard, matching the barrel and ammunition at our technical could make the crucial difference in a competition. Our advanced proprietary software provides a wealth of information each test result, helping the shooter find the best lot for their barrel. Testing is highly recommended by the top shooters around the world and the results speak for themselves, with 14 out of 18 O

The , officially the , is a family of American firing from a disintegrating of . There are several types of ammunition approved for use in the M60, including , , and rounds.There are a variety of M60 models, some that have been upgraded to the current M60E4 configuration, on the market as well, but they are heavily regulated and restricted by the NFA , and they cost $40,000, with some models, such as a Maremont/SACO upgraded to M60E6 configuration costing as much as $65,000.

   That muzzle disruption and movement we were talking about at the very beginning of this article, has shown for all to see on paper.  Were I able to continue stacking on powder, we would see the wave start trending downward as the timing of the bullets release coincided with a more chaotic muzzle state.  

Given the randomness of the short range performance of these short light from a 1:7 twist rate barrel, I had to stop at 25 yards because bullets would have never stayed on the backstop from 100 or more yards. If you want to hit absolutely nothing, this load could be an option!

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