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Is a remarkable story. We don’t know if Grace Marks

But after a time there were farms and houses visible on the shore, and the land had the appearance of being more placid, or tamer as you might say. We were required to stop at an island and to undergo an inspection for cholera, as many before us had brought it into the country on the ships but as the dead people on our ship had died of other things — four besides my mother, two from consumption and one from apoplexy, and one jumped overboard — we were allowed to proceed. I did have the chance to give t

As a walker, I travel around with maps floating in my head—walking is often about squaring internal maps with experience and discovering new maps “out there.” of the marvelous things about your book is the way you fill in your map, the way you add color and dimension to it by talking with people. You’ve called this book , and it’s plain that it’s people—your interactions with them—that shape not only encounter with the Caribbean, but also, as you argue, shape the world’s encounter with it

I will make it, Nancy. Grace, you may go.

I give my stupid look. Apple pie, I say. “It is kind of you to spare me the time,” says Simon.

In the book, you seem to be mapping the region through its significant figures, some popular, some unknown. You head to Jamaica and “locate” Marley, Cuba to write on Castro, Martinique to write Fanon, Dominica to write about Jean Rhys . . .Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature

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