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Sounds like a failed controller. It likely is just

Clunking noises are another symptom of possible problems with the control arms on a vehicle. If the bushings or ball joints develop excessive play or looseness, this can cause them to knock during takeoff, or when the vehicle is traveling over rough terrain. The will continuously get louder as the component wears or until it eventually breaks. See labor &amp parts costs upfront, so you can book with confidence.

Hi Chad! It could be something as simple as the furnace door switch. You should be able to wire around the switch temporarily to see it that fixes the problem. If the furnace is lighting properly and running properly after resetting the door switch then I would say that it is the door switch. I hope it is as easy a fix as the door switch. Steve

Also located behind each panel is the actual upper or lower heating element. Our photo (above right) is the same location as we showed above, but we removed a plastic safety cover to show the electrical connections and other controls available here.

- The oxygen flow control knob is touch-coded. If a gas has two glass flowtubes, they are connected . All gas flows first through fine, then through coarse flowtubes, controlled by a single flow-control knob. It is customary in the US for the oxygen flow tube to be on the right of the others, the left in the UK. In either case, oxygen always enters the downstream of other gases.

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks JezzaKen/Paul, If you can’t find the right brushes online or through manufacturer, most windlass motors are automotive starter motors, or close enough, so if you take it to an auto electric shop, where they rebuild starters and alternators, will almost certainly have, or be able to get, the right brushes.

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