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The action is completed.

Zapier will now ask you to choose or connect your specific

There are a variety of options for consider but in this example we are selecting “Send Channel Message”. This will post a new message to a specific Slack channel every time a new task is created.The integration through Zapier available for users on our paid/premium account (and/or people currently in the 14 day trial period)

15. Click the button. We&aposre done setting our can now see that your Demio account is connected with Zapier, but in order to Integrate Zapier with Demio, we have to connect this Trigger to an .

There are several possible Mailjet actions. For this example, please select and click on .Enter a descriptive name for your new Zap.

You should arrive at the Test Successful screen. (If the test was unsuccessful, please sekect the use the toggle button to turn your Zap.

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