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Here are some sample spreads that you can peruse, and click for enlarged views. As for rotating… well, you’re on your own there. Carefully curated and comprised of seven courses, this certification program will help you build a more solid foundation and take career to the next level.

If someone asks what you think, and you honestly didn’t hear a single word anyone said for the last hour, just say, “I honestly didn’t hear a single word anyone said for the last hour.” love self-deprecating humor. Say things like, “Maybe we can just use the lawyers from my divorce,” or “God I wish I was dead.” They’ll laugh, value your honesty, consider contacting H.R., but most importantly, think you’re the smartest looking person in the room.Funny Because It’s True

Many of the pieces in this collection seem unashamedly all about David Shields. An authentic-sounding letter to his father apologizes for a character who resembles him in the novel “Dead Languages.” The hilarious one-page “Love Is Illusion” details the clichéd but unforgettable techniques of Shields’s most memorable sexual partner, from a yearlong affair three decades ago. Even in “Blindness,” his essay about Tiger Woods (the dozen essays about athletes could have been published as a classic

A single model of the 13.5-inch Surface Book 2 lacks the vents as it has no discrete GPU. It’s also a little slower, running an Intel 7th Generation i5 processor, while every other version of the Surface Book 2 will have a faster 8th Generation i7.Microsoft is finally dragging its ambitious Surface Book line into the present day, refining the striking design and making this a you can covet for reasons besides that funky hinge.

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