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These easy steps will help you get started quickly even if you a complete beginner. After that, we&amp#39ll link you to more intermediate and advanced tips to make sure you get the most from this useful program.Think of Microsoft OneNote like a digital version of a physical notebook.

One of the advantages to using the app over Keep’s website is that you can use the app offline. While it’s true you can launch the mobile and use it without a connection to the Internet, with the Chrome app, you can work on your lists and notes more comfortably, such as on your laptop during a flight or long car ride in the middle of nowhere.The actual app introduces nothing we haven’t already covered, so all the stuff we’ve learned is applicable here.

Oh thank you so much! I love tutorial as well. I wish you had a template for the smaller post-its as well

This article is not too helpful. Evernote needs to find better ways to visually organize notes. Searching for a tag or digging through notebooks is no different than having to flip through a disorganized physical notebook. Evernote has so much potential! Just find a better way for us to keep large amounts of notes organized.

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