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When you don’t know exactly where you should be focusing your attention, it’s easy to seek out tasks that bring an immediate sense of accomplishment but don’t actually amount to progress against your goals. For example, you may be in the habit of checking and responding to email before tackling other projects or you might focus on your inbox simply because you’re not sure what to do next. Or maybe you’re letting yourself get pulled into other people’s meetings and projects because you’re falli

Feeling like a failure as a PhD student is a serious issue. Studies and reports increasingly show that . One of the biggest reasons that it&aposs rising is because many academics are perfectionists and are not willing to accept failure as part the process of learning. Many of them are also unwilling to reach out to other students or faculty for help. Instead, they isolate themselves and work harder and harder until something snaps.Likewise, how can you create or build anything at all on a zero-hours contract wh

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We’re right in the thick of the military PCS (permanent change of station) season. This means that military families all over the globe are packing their belongings and heading out to new and sometimes familiar destinations.So why do many find this lifestyle to be so bizarre?

Still, it will surely be worth it for the sweltering Monday afternoons when I can sit by the pool with a vin rouge in hand, listening to the rustle of hazy vineyards. Normally at that time I would be slumped at a desk, listening to the hack and whirl of the coffee machine. Now honestly, which would you prefer?Thank you for your support.

Late evening, once you’ve got everything else out of the way, is a perfect to put on some relaxing music and kickback with your laptop, chatting it away. Go through some more websites, hit up your friends, see what they’ve been up to. Staying in contact with people in the industry is .This is a great way to get experience and get your face out there and keep your afternoons busy if you otherwise have nowhere else to go to improve your acting skills.

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