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Americans tend to assume that the rest of the

At the same time, researchers demonstrated that, overall, Americans’ values toward wildlife are shifting from a domination view to the view that wildlife deserves treatment equal to humans. Researchers call this line thought about wildlife “mutualism.”Researchers from Colorado State University and The Ohio State University have found evidence that we think about wildlife like our ancestors did.

Even in a country that tolerates inequality, political consequences follow when the rising tide raises too few boats. The impact of stagnant wages has been dulled by rising house prices, but still most Americans are unhappy about the economy. According to the latest Gallup survey, fewer than four out of ten think it is in “excellent” or “good” shape, compared with almost seven out of ten when George Bush took office.Amid controversy over immigration and the proper role of ethnography, Jacques Chirac

If all Americans were set on a ladder with ten rungs, the gap between the wages of those on the ninth rung and those on the first has risen by a third since 1980. Put another way, the typical worker earns only 10% more in real terms than his counterpart 25 years ago, even though overall productivity has risen much faster. Economists have long debated why America&aposs income disparities suddenly widened after 1980. The consensus is that the main cause was technology, which increased the demand for skilled worke

As a general rule, I believe they do lie, and about little things too. I want to trust my police but when they lie about traffic tickets can you expect them not to lie about the bigger things? I really think the PD in my area is honest and little too soft when dealing with the Liberians.

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