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For agencies, the demand for measurement is there, we’re just

I booked everything through Expedia, but the guide was my little pocked travel agent. I took a step back and realized that they probably made $1.50 selling me that $11 book — but Expedia made $1,500 taking a $10,000 booking, and really, they just consummated the end transaction they weren’t the reason I booked it.

Some online marketers already use features in devices such cameras and touch screens to help consumers see what apparel and accessories may actually look like when worn. Web retailer Warby Parker, for example, offers hundreds of customized views of eyeglasses overlaid on a Webcam picture of the consumer.

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What’s fueling on-demand marketing is the continued, symbiotic evolution of technology and consumer expectations. Already, search technologies have made product information ubiquitous social media encourages consumers to share, compare, and rate experiences and mobile devices add a “wherever” dimension to the digital environment. Executives encounter this empowerment daily when, for example, cable customers push for video programming on any device at any time or travelers expect a few ta

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