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Juliano Ferreira

Happily married &amp lucky to be a father. Slowly becoming a tech industry vet, 15+ years and on-going. Interests: my family, innovative tech, democracy &amp sports.
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Several studies have linked high media consumption

Minorities are often put in a negative light in the media as well, with blacks being portrayed as criminals, Hispanics portrayed as illegal aliens, and people from the Middle East portrayed as terrorists. Research has shown that consuming much media with headlines that depict minorities in negative ways can affect how people think.Overall media consumption has immensely increased over time, from the era of the introduction of motion pictures, to the age of social networks and the internet.

Adolescent drivers are known to be at increased risk for accidents due to distracted driving and inexperience, so all 50 states in America have implemented Graduated Driver’s Licenses. Several national surveys have demonstrated the widespread use of cell phones while driving, including texting. In a 2013 study of 3000 people aged 16 years and older, 58 percent of the 16 – 18-year-old stated they had talked on a cell phone, 39 percent said they had read texts or emails, and 31 percent said they had sent

Most children and adolescents live in homes where there are no parental rules regarding screen time. In one study, less than 30 percent of children and adolescents 8 – 18 years of age stated there were household rules regarding time spent viewing television. Parents were more likely to have rules regarding programs viewed—but even so, only 46 of these children and adolescents stated there were such rules in their home. In this same study, 64 percent of those surveyed stated the television in their h


percent television stated adolescents rules