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Local white matter architecture is so unique and highly conserved within

The number of short association fibers might affect the varied hub pattern according to the nodal scale. Short association fibers mostly include the local associative fibers (U-fibers) and neighborhood association fibers. Short association fibers composed of short fibers and U-fibers can have an effect in network hub regions. Figure showsed an example illustration of how short association fibers can affect hub location according to the nodal scale. Table showed that the number of short association fibers

The Historic City of Sucre is authentic in terms of form and design, material and substance, as well as location and surroundings. Its buildings, architectural result of the symbiosis of local and imported styles, have been maintained and conserved in a homogenous and harmonious manner, in both form and surroundings, in harmony with the environment.玻利维亚第一个首都苏克雷城是16世纪上半叶由西班牙人建立的。当地保存完好的一些16世纪宗教建筑,例如圣洛伦佐教堂(

Li, Y., Liu, Y., J., Qin, W., Li, K., Yu, C., et al. (2009). Brain anatomical network and intelligence. . 5:e1000395. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000395The global efficiency of G measures the global efficiency of the parallel information transfer in the network (), which can be computed as follows:

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Gong, G. . Mapping anatomical connectivity patterns of human cerebral cortex using diffusion tensor imaging tractography. , 524–536, doi: (2009).

The wiring patterns of WM fibers directly define the topological performance of brain networks. We computed the ratio of the number of connections of short association fibers (short fibers and U-fibers) to the maximum possible number of connections at each nodal scale to understand how the number of short fibers and U-fibers affect network hubs in different nodal scales (Table ). The short fibers and U-fibers were as the edges but not included in calculation of the network hubs. The ratio showed that the nu

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