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This Week In Startups Focusing on

Stock market woes got you down? Listen to ! His podcast called a market change and impending bitcoin collapse. His knowledge is the best because he understands the @TWistartups hasn&amp#39t Tweeted yet.

TWISTA Co-hosts Claire Connelly and Mark Pesce in conversation with Wyatt Roy, the former Parliamentarian and Assistant Minister for Innovation, freshly back from his travels overseas, and deep into an artificial intelligence startup. Together we take a post-mortem look at the the government’s “Ideas Boom” as we ask Wyatt ‘what happened’? The inside scoop from the ultimate source, on this episode of This Week in Startups Australia.

(born November 28, 1970) is an American Internet , , and . His first company was part of the era in New York, and his second venture, , a publishing company that he co-founded together with , capitalized on the growth of before being sold to . As well as being an in various technology startups, Calacanis also presents at industry conferences worldwide.Calacanis joined as an EIA (entrepreneur in action) in December, 2006, a position which he held until May, 2007.

S1: 00:28 The Ozzies. The Ozzies versus the Kiwis, it’s Auckland versus Sydney, who will reign supreme on this week in startups who has the best startup companies? We’re going to find out on this episode of this week in startups, stick with us.

I run a goofy little site called for roller coaster enthusiasts, and have for ten years. I’ve been asking users for money since 2001, when the ad market tanked the first time. It has been sustainable ever since, and while not making me rich, it has been my “unemployment check” whenever I lost my job. Who cares if I’m not trying to attack some big problem? My Internet business in Internet years might as well be a 70-year-old, and it still works.

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