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But this is not just a security challenge.

Scot Gardner, Chief Executive, Cisco UK &amp Ireland explained that the challenges presented wer very real. “Every industry is confronted with tackling security throughout their business. Whether through education and trust in their people, with the technology they use or the processes that they have in place.”

IT professionals are starting to realize just how different securing a cloud computing environment is from traditional on-premises IT environments. , a provider of intrusion prevention platform, finds 62 percent are looking to gain more visibility into workloads running on public clouds and that 31 percent say they are unable to maintain security as their cloud and container environments grow.Share this post with your friends!

Devices must establish their identity before they can access gateways and upstream services and apps. However, there are many IoT devices that fall down when it comes to device authentication, for example, by weak basic password authentication, or using passwords unchanged from their default values. Follow along as I describe my top ten challenges for IoT security:

More oversight and legislation are on the way, as promised by U.S. Sen. Jean Klobuchar, D-Minnesota., who along with John McCain, R-Arizona, and Mark Warner, D-Virginia, have a bill already working its way through Congress.

But don&apost you worry, if you were itching for a fight between Washington and Beijing, . Thanks to issues ranging from the status of Taiwan, to the always contentious South China Sea (which Beijing seems poised to dominate), to clashes between Beijing and Tokyo in the East China Sea, what was on ice — a tension-filled relationship between a rising power and an established superpower — might finally heat up with animosity.A short-term increase in fighting and casualties seems inevitable as both sides will

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