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As you can see, the commented functionality seems straightforward but only brings frustration to the people using this. For me this is a design flaw in naming convention and boolean traps.Finally got it to work and I also hope the author reads this since this is a terrible library to setup as the configuration parameters go berzerk throughout the whole script.

Swipe has transformed how we share information with our investors, partners and brand sponsors. It&aposs a delicious platform for presentations that look great on any device.

You don’t work the way you used to. Your clients can be anywhere, your team can be in different countries, and sometimes in the same place. Swipe works the same way for someone who is in the same room as it does for someone is across the globe. Just share a link and start presenting.Swipe is about to overhaul the way we create and share presentations.

Since it’s based on Javascript, Framer is especially helpful for complex gestures that involve dragging and swiping where elements move or fade gradually depending to swipe distance or when certain actions are triggered when the user swipes past a certain threshold.

When you buy the Chip Swipe Reader, you&amp#39ll also receive the following accessories:

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