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All this trade talk can seem an impenetrable thicket

1. . Exotic pests (such as the ) and plant pathogens cause enormous economic damage. Some plant invaders totally remake ecosystems — altering fire regime, nutrient productivity and resident animals. Some introduced animals have devastated fish, bird and lizard diversity.

The initial conditions (economic, social, cultural, political) in which a business sets up are vital influences on its success or failure. Lorenz found that the smallest change in the preliminary conditions created a different outcome in weather predictions, and we can consider the same to be true for businesses. The first few months and years are a crucial time, when rates of failure are highest and the basic brand identity forms. Any of the early decisions, achievements, or mistakes have the potential to

“Be alert all the time and ready to go,” he says in a strong, sure voice. “A good cowboy does what the foreman him and waits for his paycheck and for the sun to go down.”“What does it take to be a good cowboy?” I ask.

In 1983, President of Sudan declared all Sudan an under law, including the non-Islamic majority southern region. The Southern Sudan Autonomous Region was abolished on 5 June 1983, ending the Addis Ababa Agreement. In direct response to this, (SPLA/M) was formed under the leadership of , and the erupted. Several factions split from the SPLA often along ethnic lines and were funded and armed by Khartoum, with the most notable being the in 1991 led by .The two parties recommenced negotiations in June 201

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