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We will charge you a fee for each item we

Materials are to be returned in condition in which they were borrowed. The full replacement cost and a processing fee will be charged for each item lost, damaged, or stolen.

(maximum of 8 daily fees a monthly billing period). These vary depending on the amount you are overdrawn.Bank online 24/7 using our Internet Banking website or our mobile app.

When you do not have enough available funds in your account to cover an item, and we decline to pay or return the item unpaid (a returned item), we will charge an NSF: Returned Item fee for each returned item.When we determine that your account is overdrawn after we finish processing for the day, and we pay for the transaction or transactions, may charge an Overdraft Item Fee of $35.00 per item.

We do not accept orders by phone. If you have a requirement that is not handled by our web site, such as ordering customized products or checking on or canceling backordered items, please to make special arrangements. Please note that our web site will provide you with all of your shipping options after you enter your shipping address you can also use the web site to place , though you should call us to verify your order is ready for pick-up.You have two options for how to handle the shipment of your back

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