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Share information about who attends community colleges

Is your high schooler ready for the college experience? Is your family seeking paths to affordable higher education? Many high school juniors and seniors opt to participate in Running Start, a program unique to Washington State, which allows high school students to attend community college—free of tuition! Fees are usually $150-250 and books are usually $100-500 per quarter.

Pretty informative, right? As you can see, the average tuition and fees at your local community college will cost you of what it would cost to pay in-state tuition at a public Texas university. (And most community colleges offer the option of , so you can take care of these costs in installments.) By taking your first two years at a community college, you can save an average about $12,000 in tuition and fees alone. That savings gets significantly higher if you’re planning to spend your first two year

The most recent national data indicate that percent of dependent students with family income in the lowest income quartile (less than $30,000) who started at a public two-year college in 2003–04 completed an associate degree by 2009. An additional 6 percent earned a certificate, and 13 percent earned a bachelor&aposs degree.

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