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On March 6, a walkout is planned and coordinated among

After the 1980 steel strike, many hauliers drivers who refused to cross picket lines to prevent them obtaining work, and so more drivers crossed picket lines in 1984–85 than in previous disputes. Picketing failed to have the widespread impact of earlier stoppages that led to in the 1970s and electricity companies maintained supplies throughout the winter, the time of biggest demand., and from , along with and poet recorded in October 1984 to raise money for the strikers and their families.

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The initial meeting of each team’s steering group involved a two-day instructional workshop on Lean Sigma methodology, team-building activities, formulation of a problem statement, and delineation of specific activities. Each sub-team then convened to develop individual projects and metrics using a Lean Sigma framework. The scope of some projects/activities spanned more than one team (e.g. ED and RRR), thus engendering further opportunities for collaborations and spawning the formation of several &amp#

The Assembly disregarded last minute Arab efforts to effect a compromise. Although the votes of a dozen or more delegations see-sawed to the last, supporters of partition had two votes more than the required two-thirds majority, or a margin of three.

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