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Beyond the general importation of illegal drugs and weapons, Saudi Arabia

For Men, a Quest for New Shoes That Don’t Cause Blisters Brooks Brothers is introducing new dress shoes that took a lot of engineering and Cole Haan tries for soles like sneakers the leather so it won’t hurt. 13 Designers Recall Their Craziest Childhood Decorating Experiments Bedazzled windows, clandestine paint jobs and other childhood exploits from kids who grew up to be design pros

What’s News: World-Wide What’s News: World-Wide

Casinos Get Into the Esports Game U.S. casinos are turning to videogame competitions to attract younger visitors and turn around years of growth.

“I know this would never pass probably either house of Congress, but do you believe the United States should stop entirely selling weapons to and giving military assistance to Saudi Arabia?” Scahill asked.

Mastercard Gets Regulator Approval for VocaLink Acquisition A U.K. regulator cleared the way Tuesday morning for Mastercard Inc. to acquire payment firm VocaLink Holdings Limited, allowing the global card network to expand beyond card payments. China Moves to Further Tighten Regulation of Digital Information Foreign companies with business operations in China would be required to apply for permission to transfer data out of the country under draft rules released Tuesday.

. Public stoning can be used to execute individuals who have been convicted of acts such as adultery. condemned are sedated prior to execution. .Some forms of arson might carry a statutory death penalty under a Fatwa on terrorism-related activities.

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