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Alan Rappeport, Michael D. Shear and Thomas Kaplan

After losing a race for Congress in 1998, Collins purchased or invested in over twenty bankrupt and financially troubled companies. These companies were combined into several platform companies. His current companies include: Innate Immunotherapeutics, Bloch Industries, Easom Automation, Mead Supply, Oxygen Generating Systems Intl., Schlyer Machine, Volland Electric and ZeptoMetrix Corporation.

In his congressional testimony, Mr. Comey described the events as “the most difficult of my professional career.”

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Classic muckraking articles, books, &amp films, and whistleblower news.

Markups and committee discussions aside, what have you done to encourage the ‘coming-to-the table’ for justice to be served? Does your side want justice, or just to invite the hungry the table to show them the food, and then wolf down your luxurious dinner and throw them the scraps? Are they not worthy of your scraps? Come on man, who sits at your table? And why do you think that *you* sit there?But Schumer’s own , which he put together as part of the , was just as unacceptable to Trump as Tru

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