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Those in positions of responsibility and authority in the

play two broad roles in relation to state legislatures. First, they , provided in most cases that the purpose and agenda for the sessions are set in advance. Second, and more familiarly, :

PLs are elected by their patrol. SPL is elected by the troop as a whole. APL is selected by the PL. QM, Scribe, etc are selected by the SPL.

For state by state information on the power of governors to issue executive orders, see (Table 4.5, , source: The Council of State Governments).Although not necessarily a ranking factor, the power to issue executive orders and take emergency actions is a significant gubernatorial responsibility that varies from state to

The fact that the association is a not-for-profit corporation, or that the members of the board are volunteers and unpaid, does not relieve them from the high standards of trust and responsibility that the fiduciary relationship requires. When a member accepts a position on the board of directors, he or she is presumed to have knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a board member. Board members cannot be excused from improper action on the grounds of ignorance or inexperience and liability of board

Gubernatorial terms are four years in every state, commonwealth, and territory but New Hampshire and Vermont, which have two year terms. All governors with the of Virginia’s may succeed themselves, although they may be limited to a specific number of consecutive or total terms.As with governors, other statewide elected positions may be subject to age, citizenship, and state residency requirements, as well as term limits.

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