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You’ve got it made in the shade,

Jumpers are also popping up in suede giving me flashbacks to what I wore in kindergarten. If you insist on looking like one. ranging down to darker orange hues are my favorites this season.

– Wear sunscreen, SPF15 at the least. Reapply often and especially after heavy sweating or toweling off after a swim. Don’t forget the ears! children, SPF30 is recommended.

Adding splashes of color to your cool green shade can be done in a number of ways. Placing blooming plants like impatiens, begonias, torenias, red valerian and bacopa in containers can save water and give you better show in such locations. These plants in combination with ferns, ivies, caladiums and vinca make beautiful hanging baskets, creating a lush tropical look. Where blooms are few or out of season, plants with colored foliage have a true niche. Purple heart and variegated vinca are both easy to root

Thanks to cover-ups, sun protective clothing, and towels constantly being wrapped around your shoulders that of yours rarely sees the light of day. Its time to shine is when you decide to hop in the water, even then, your pasty white legs may distract your friends from noticing it.

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