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: All instance types that support enhanced

AWS is an incredibly popular environment for running MongoDB deployments. Today you have many choices about instance type, storage, network config, security, how you configure MongoDB processes, and more. In addition, you now have options when it comes to tooling to help you manage and operate your deployment. In this post we’ll take a look at several recommendations that can help you get the best performance out of AWS. Based on our experience helping to implement and support MongoDB deployments on AWS,

Many people use EC2 instances to install Amazon Machine Images, or AMIs. These AMIs may be built to work on either paravirtualized (PV) instances or hardware-assisted virtualization instances (HVM). Each type of virtualization has . What is to note is that various types of EC2 instances can either , as only some EC2 instances benefit from HVM.This is also Amazon’s official stance:

Volume Capacity Range:  4GB –

These instance types are recommended. Instance types with similar vCPU and Memory are also supported.All versions of BIG-IP VE support SR-IOV and TSO, except BIG-IP VE version 11.6.1 and prior, running on ESXi 5.0.

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