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Americans tend to assume that the rest of the world

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In some cultures, there is an expectation that employees to managers. This deference is often a key reason why it’s hard to get honest feedback during meetings.

“Those of us who work on cultural dynamic global business still have plenty of work,” Schomer.New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system

Even experts, who, by definition, possess a great deal of knowledge in their respective areas of expertise, fall prey to judgment errors when relying on heuristics (for example, Northcraft and Neale 1987 Tversky and Kahneman 1971). In fact, errors in experts&apos decision making are often attributed to overreliance judgmental heuristics when solving problems in their areas of expertise (Shanteau and Stewart 1992 Slovic, Fischhoff, and Lichtenstein 1985). See Frederick, Loewenstein, and O&aposDonoghue (2002)

Large data-set studies have an obvious limitation: they only show that diversity is correlated with better performance, not that it causes better performance. Research on racial diversity in small groups, however, makes it possible to draw some causal conclusions. Again, the findings are clear: for groups that value innovation and new ideas, diversity helps.Being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.—This community was still reeling from the recession in 2012 when it got a piece of what seemed like good news. Amazon, the global internet retailer, was opening a massive 950,000-square-foot distribution center, one of its first in California, and hiring more than 1,000 people here.“This opportunity is a rare and wonderful thing,” San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris told a at the time.

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