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Some landlords don't allow a tenant to break the lease, but

Can the landlord request more than the security deposit for repairs? Is there a limit on repair costs? In Florida.

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If the pet fee came out of nowhere and he’s trying to evict you (even though you’re moving out and proper notice), then the eviction would likely not stand in court. I recommend making sure you’re allowed to provide30 day notice of leaving- are you on a month-to-month lease? You may also want to speak with a landlord-tenant lawyer about the matter. If you’re evicted, then yes, it would likely show up on an eviction history check if a future landlord runs one.Yes, your landlord is res

If you have a court order of protection and your safety is jeopardized by remaining in the apartment, you may be able to break the lease with ten days’ notice your landlord. If your landlord does not voluntarily release you from the lease after you provide proper written notice, you can ask the Family Court judge to order the lease terminated.

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