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: “One reason this newspaper cheered Zinke’s addition to the president’s cabinet this year was because of his staunchly conservative credentials as a Republican congressman, yet his resistance to those on the far right who want the government to sell off or give away federal lands, including, yes, parks and monuments. Whatever else, Zinke has indicated he understands President Teddy Roosevelt’s insight in first employing the National Antiquities Act of 1906 in preserving public lands.” (editorial

The ODNI now has a procedure in place to ensure at the very least high-level U.S. officials are aware of any monitoring of top foreign officials. But it also leaves the door open to begin — or continue — gathering information from anyone in the interest of national security.But, Goitein said, “The NSA still collects all of this stuff and holds onto it.”

But the Mojave Desert site, with its lava flowers and sand dunes, is also involved in a debate over whether Cadiz Inc. will able to build a proposed 43-mile-long pipeline to pump water from an aquifer under land its owns to 100,000 households in Southern California.

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“The Trump monument review has become a fundamental fight about the value of our public lands and we are reopening a question that was settled a long time ago,” says director of land and wildlife programs at the Natural Resources Defense Council, an organization of and scientists who promote environmental issues. “It is part of our identity as Americans to protect some of our lands. That is what is at the root of this fight.”

An independent pay review body would also have greater capacity and flexibility to give full consideration to the interests and arguments of particular groups within the police. In contrast, the current Police Negotiating Board has, in recent years, proved itself unable to make decisions in a timely and efficient manner, and encouraged an atmosphere of confrontation between the staff and official sides.

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