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A comeback is irrealistic . Europeans won’t live in

May i also add i heard on the news that a virus “apocalypse” most likely not a zombie one is almost 100% going to happen sooner or later as medicine is becoming ineffective and viruses are evolving causing issues and this would lead to government collapse and then factions and gangs emerging with a and things like that with people looking for food and resources there is no way it can be stoped no way we are safe forever no way…

The food sucks?! Fuck off. The food is FANTASTIC and CHEAP in PP.

Erdogan’s use of the National Pact also demonstrates how successfully Turkey’s Islamists have , rather than rejected, elements of the country’s secular nationalist historical narrative. Government rhetoric has been quick to invoke the heroism of Turkey’s war of independence in describing the popular resistance to the country’s July 15 coup attempt. And alongside the Ottomans, Erdogan routinely references the Seljuks, a Turkic group that preceded the Ottomans in the Middle East by several centuries

Specifically, he is offering a 2-to-1 federal match for states that do this along with meeting a few other criteria like reducing reliance on adjunct faculty. This is a sufficiently attractive offer that some states would probably go for it. But it&aposs going to cost a of money, and tax-averse Republican governors like Walker pretty clearly aren&apost going to do it.

Anthropologist and psychiatrist Brandon Kohrt found a similar phenomenon in the villages of southern Nepal, where a civil war has been rumbling for years. Kohrt explained to me that there are two kinds of villages there: exclusively Hindu ones, which are extremely stratified, and mixed Buddhist/Hindu ones, which are far more open and cohesive. He said that child soldiers, both male and female, who go back to Hindu villages can remain traumatized for years, while those from mixed-religion villages tended to

@Bertie yep the french are very proud of there lanuage, and hate the idea that the Brits did a better job colonising the world than they did, now English not French is the international lanuage. and the French hate it.Sometimes no matter how perfectly you ask a question in Japanese, you&aposll get an answer in English

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