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We sometimes receive complaints about insurance claims for damage caused

If your car is declared totaled because of a hail claim and you intend to keep driving it, ask your insurance company to buy the car for its salvage value. If your car was worth $12,000 before the hailstorm and your insurance company places its salvage value at $7,000, it will send you a check for the -- minus your deductible, of course.

No. Gap insurance will not cover the diminished resale value of your car. Gap insurance pays only in cases where a car is totaled, and it pays only the difference between what is owed on the car and what it was worth before it was damaged, minus any deductible. How does an insurance company calculate what your car was worth the salvage value of your car when valuing a claim?

Should you fix your car? Should you keep hail-damaged car that’s been totaled? Will your rates rise?You will have to pay your amount.

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