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Should you fix your car? Should you keep hail-damaged

Do not live with the headache of dents and on your pride and joy. As a car guy I know the feeling and that&aposs why I love what I do to help others!*Do I need to get multiple hail repair estimates?

You may have heard that the Boston area had a bit of a hail storm on Tuesday. If you were on the road at the time, you heard it literally, in the form of hundreds of ice balls pinging off your car.You’d need to have an additional “comprehensive insurance’’ plan in order to have your hail damage covered, and even then you’ll probably be paying a deductible for the repair, Paul said.

If these criteria are met, an exemption from the requirement to obtain a written-off vehicle inspection will be granted to you automatically. You are not required to complete an exemption application form or apply for the exemption.

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But what if a ringing in your ears wasn’t the storms only lasting damage? What if all those hail stones left dozens of tiny dents on your hood, or even shattered your windshield, as happened to one unlucky Twitter user?©2018 Boston Globe Media Partners, LLC

Did you know that the United States has a “hail alley? , “severe hail occurs most often in a triangular region from west Texas to northwest Missouri to the western Dakotas.” Researchers define “severe” as hail that’s one inch in diameter. The craziest hail is in Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. These states see the most days each year with hail larger than golf balls. The biggest hailstone ever recorded, which fell in Aurora, Neb. in 2010, .The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association estim

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