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Nothing. OPT is not employer specific. Your employer not

When thinking about leaving his job in marketing, Paul M. says he chose not to tell anyone until he’d returned the signed offer letter for his new gig. Photo of person looking for jobs courtesy of Hero Images/Getty Images.

In order to be creditable, your employer-sponsored prescription drug coverage must be at least as comprehensive as a standard Medicare stand-alone Part D Prescription Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan. Employer might qualify, but be sure to verify it with your employer. Your plan should send you a Notice of Creditable Coverage each year informing you whether or not your coverage is creditable under the law. If your coverage isn’t creditable, and you don’t enroll in Medicare

Problems arise when employers assume it’s easier to pay everyone a salary (or treat them as exempt), rather than dealing with meal and rest breaks, overtime, and time sheets. Many employers are sued for failure to provide meal and rest periods for nonexempt employees improperly classified as exempt. The is worth a read, but here’s a summary of the 10 ways your business may be breaking employment laws, plus some resources from the SBA and other government agencies that can help you comply.

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