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To broaden our understanding of what Millennials want at

As far as saying they (and by they I mean we) only want feel good sermons and entertainment lets me know that you really don’t know them as a people. Millennials are not ones to sit on the sidelines of anything. This is extremely true in the church. Talk is cheap. Action is what matters most. Don’t tell them about missionaries in Africa and how we can give to make sure the missionaries can continue to do what they are called to…give them opportunities to be that missionary in

Some Millennials view their early adulthood as a time to make a difference in the world and in their community. If the right job is not available, many are volunteering for organizations such as the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps (Jacobson Stone ). Indeed, while the number of volunteers in the U.S. increased 2% between 2007 and 2008, the number of volunteers aged 16–24, comprised mainly of Millennials, increased by 5.7% (Koch ). Some Millennials appear to be content to volunteer, or work in low-paying

In 2004, 69.2% of American households owned their home — and could easily argue that was too high. But, Yun says, fewer homeowners means that the enormous wealth created by rising home values since the market bottom has been concentrated in the bank accounts of fewer Americans.

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