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Something bad happened. You should try to fix …


The action is completed.

At the other end, the struggle has a different character, a

Being extremely controlling, preoccupied with perfection, rules and orderliness unable to throw away old or broken stuff. Believing that you’re better than everyone else.

Although they can have some trouble understanding each other, Artisan parents can be valuable models for their Idealist children. NF kids tend to get lost in abstraction and a self-absorbed search for meanings and portents, and the SP&aposs warm embrace of immediacy can be an important lesson for them. Artisans are in touch with reality, free in physical action, comfortable with their bodies, easy-going about moral absolutes, not worried about who they are -- they don&apost sweat the small stuff -- and all of these

So is this the most messed-up thing we’ve ever heard, or a moving conclusion to a complicated love story? What kind of haunting significance does this very weird piece of television writing have? Also: are you okay?

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