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“CMS has special status information up on the right now through what they are calling a lookup tool,” said Jennifer McLaughlin, senior associate director of government affairs for the Medical Group Management Association. “But, from what we’ve seen when our members go in and plug in their Medicare identifier, if they do get a notice that they do have a special status saying that they considered a small practice in 2017, there’s not been clear information for them about what th

Medical organizations argue that personal questions are an essential part of medical practice inherent to the clinician-patient relationship. Pediatricians ask about guns just as they would car seats, swimming fences, and safe storage of noxious chemicals. Patients have the right to decline to answer such questions. Additionally, that “physician gag laws” violate the First Amendment rights of clinicians.

When OAEs are absent, you need to find an explanation.  Is it the ear?  Is it the external ear canal, or is it the cochlea?

Eligible clinicians across the country are in the midst of their first performance year under MACRA. Metrics reported this year will tell the tale in 2019 as far as what kind of reimbursements, bonuses, or more forebodingly, penalties they will see.Eligible clinicians can find a useful springboard in the American Medical Association’s Payment Model Evaluator tool, which can be used to assess readiness to participate in MACRA as well which path within the QPP is best, MIPS or APM.

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