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Buffett got the message in a small room where he was

Geithner and Paulson proposed extending an $85-billion loan that would be collateralized by all of A.I.G.’s assets. A.I.G. did have several large, profitable businesses, its main insurance arm, which gave the Fed a legal basis for making the loan. The government would also demand a nearly eighty-per-cent equity stake in A.I.G. and would have the right to veto any dividend payments.

Carnegie said most people loosen up even in tense situations if they start talking about what they know. Namely,

With state funding and private donations dwindling, the University of Louisville faces an “ominous” financial future, for which the only solution might be a long-term plan to grow the student body by 36 percent, its top leaders said Tuesday.The key ingredient in anti-diarrhea medications like Imodium is part of the opioid family,

Mr. Buffett said he did not regard donations of the kind the Kochs advocate as philanthropy. Yet donations to college and universities are the epitome of philanthropic gifts. Room for Debate asks whether shorefront homeowners should have to open their land to all comers.

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